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Good to go, customised package deals winter 2017!

During the autumn, a limited amount of wilderness packages will be on offer. First come first served!

If you would like to send us a notice of interest, send an e-mail to for more information.

The package deals will be presented in detail when finalised.

Enjoy the summer whilst looking forward to the season of the Northern Lights dancing on star-lit skies!


Anders, owner and founder of Lapland Explorer AB

Woodman’s cabin

We are currently projecting an old woodman’s cabin with vintage design. The purpose of this project is to display part of our modern cultural heritage, and to be used in accordance to our vision of attracting visitors from far and wide and developing the local tourist industry.

When the woodsmen used to go to work in the forests during the autumn, the first assignment was to create the winter accommodation, most often a cabin of timber made on site. This would protect the occupants from the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. The cabin would have room for numerous sleeping berths and a central fireplace was erected for cooking, keeping warm and drying clothes between the long shifts.

More information coming shortly!